How to Define Your Restaurant’s Target Customer (P.2)

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Consider your prices

The prices you charge will also greatly influence the demographic you attract. Middle-class suburban families likely aren’t going to dine at a restaurant that charges high prices. You are going to want to charge prices that the people in your surrounding area will be willing to pay.

Assessing your target customer can help determine where your prices should be. You always want to provide value to your target customer, but value is different to different people. Assess your target customer and create your menu accordingly.


A typical 3-course meal at La Badiane costs about $50 USD. See our menu

Target customer 2

Target customer 4

La Badiane’s customers vary in nationalities and ages

What’s your concept?

The concept of your restaurant is also going to be a big factor in determining your target customer.

The concept should meet the interests of the clientele you want to attract. For instance, if you want to draw in a crowd of 20- through 40-somethings who are looking to relax and have a good time, a sports bar, complete with televisions, a casual menu and a pub-like atmosphere will likely appeal to this demographic. If this is the concept and style that you want then you’ll have to be comfortable not attracting people looking for quieter, more formal settings. This gets back to the idea of focusing on one target customer instead of trying to please everybody. A sports bar with luxury decorations just wouldn’t work. You’d be confusing both sets of target customers.

Target customer 1

La Badiane’ bar is a wonderful spot to chillax with friends and enjoy well-made cocktails

Your target customer base is, without a doubt, one of the most important elements for your restaurant. Your customers determine your success and when you appeal to the right demographic, you are sure to enjoy success. Hope these tips from La Badiane make it clearer for you on how to define your target customers!

(With reference information from Restaurant Engine).