Not only famous for luxurious cuisine in Paris, France is also well-known for rustic dishes from countryside.

Crepe in Brittany .

Brittany is located in the Northeast of France. This is a separate small region surrounded by gray rocks, where people specially respect their family tradition.

Your trip to Brittany can not complete without enjoying the famous Crepe here. Crepe is made from white flour. Brittany crepe is rustic, savory and crispy, contrasting with smooth Crepe  often seen in Paris as the barkers in Brittany use whole-grain flour.



Crepe in Brittany carries in itself some traditional factors such as homemade creamy yogurt  or filling of bacon and mushroom. These ingredients immediately bring the typical countryside flavors from a northwest coast in France.

Quenelle de brochet in Lyon

South East of the mountain Rhône is Lyon, which is famous for its rich natural resources. When coming to Lyon, you should try Quenelle de Brochet in Bouchon.

anh 3. Món quenelle de brochet


Like a large dumpling, Quenelle de Brochet is a delicate dish to make. The outer layer is thin, made from flour, butter, eggs and milk wrapping soft and smooth portion of Brochet fish, served with the shrimp – crab sauce or a bit more luxurious – the prawn sauce. It’s a fascinating local dish thanks to finely textured and smooth filling and medium consistence of the sauce, all of which making a harmony of the flavor

To Languedoc, try Cassoulet

Going to Languedoc and you will be properly enjoying authentic Cassoulet from southern France. Cassoulet is cooked in a pot made ​​of specially local clay  in order to retain the flavor.

anh 4. thịt hầm Cassoulet


Stewed Cassoulet is considered the pinnacle of ingenuity and meticulous feature of French cuisine. Mixture including sausage, duck confit, pork and white beans are braised for hours, expressing subtle nature of the chef.

If you go to France, should not only enjoy the luxurious dishes offered by splendid restaurants of Paris. Instead, you will definitely find the essence of great cuisine hidden in rustic recipes in the countryside of France.