Cool off inyour summer with La Badian, the “Verdurous and Stunningly Green Paradise”  

There would be thousands of reasons for you to have a strong liking for La Badiane right at the first sight: French architectural style, dishes full on French and Vietnamese flavours… Especially, it is the verdurous and stunningly green campus that brings the bon vivants a refreshing feeling when enjoying meals in La Badiane, which differentiate Labadiane from other restaurants. Unquestionably, you would be visually and gastronomically impressed by the service quality in this top French restaurant here in Hanoi. Let’s give you and your beloved a chance to cool off the summer in a thrilling way with La Badiane.

IMG_3211 copy

A “green world” in front of you

As soon as you put your first step in the restaurant, you will be overwhlemed with a “green world”in front of you. It will certainly make you relaxed inside. Likening La Badiane as a “verdurous and stunningly green paradise” shall by no means be an exaggerating expression. Given that you will see the sprouting colour in every corner. Should you be fancy enjoying fresh air with not so bright summer sunlight, you can pick any place on the first floor.

la badiane 2

The stunningly green campus on the first floor

If you are a person for romance and elegance, the verdurous coner on the second floor will surely never let you down.

labadiane 3

Window with sunlight-attracting greening color

Above all, La Badiane shall be your perfect choice this summer. All of your tension and tiredness will be washed out by the natural site of green plants and elegant foods prepared by the no.1 French restaurant in Hanoi.


Tart of “Crème brûlée” in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet


Foie gras with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds

Welcoming 2015, La Badiane would like to introduce to you a brand-new menu set with attracting courses with 4 food-picking options: Gastronomic menu (21 món), Signature food menu (7 món), Vegetarian menu (8 dishes), and Lunch menu (24 dishes). Each will bring you the refreshing and cooling experience! For further details, please visit here.

Of course, you will have a wide range of options to “cool off” your summer in Hanoi. However, La Badiane is confident be your best choice. Still doubted? Go for it to try and you will be satisfied right in your very first visit.