Contemplate the “spotless” beauty of new dishes at La Badiane

The new dishes not only captivate diners by the taste but also make them fall in love by their “spotless” beauty at first sight. Let’s see their perfect beauty!

The color is always one of the first thing to attract customers, makes them love at first sight. And the new colors of the dishes at La Badiane will surely make you surprised.

_DSC8194 _DSC8194

..The sophisticated harmony of colors: dazzling white, fresh green, fresh violet, attractive orange can make us feel “loss”. The colors are cleverly arranged with cold tone to warm one, creating the highlight at the center of the dishes, make the diners attracted and lost in the dishes…


… Or another different harmony of colors, the arrangement of warm colors with different tones creates a lively dish, hardly to resist. The scarlet of wine sauce is the background, which is featured by the orange color of prawn, and the crispily yellow of sweet potato … These warm tones seem to stimulate the diners, make them enjoy right away…

Beyond the color, decoration is also a highlight for the dishes, so that they become pleasant to the eyes with its spotless beauty.


… Are you imagining of a haughty fish in this photo? She has a colorful tail with generous, stylized but subtle patterns. She has a shiny green fin. Are you being conquered by her?

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… Do you see it is like a hidden coral reefs under the sea? The golden color does attracts the eyes – like sea moss, which is featured on by the asparagus “coral” making us irresistible, but watch it …

Are you appealing? Come to La Badiane at No 10, Nam Ngu or contact us directly at: (04) 3942.4509 to book a table and look, enjoy these “spotlessly beautiful” dishes!