Coming to La Badiane, listening to classical music and enjoying Autumn

Coming to La Badiane this autumn, diners can wallow in the melodious music in a cozy, romantic space and enjoy the French dishes under the sparkling light of candles …

The tone at bustling, billowing, while uplifting, being melodic, mixed with the chilly atmosphere of the autumn, under the sparkling golden light, you will feel like being in a luxurious concert hall.


The evening can be even more special when you come here with your friends, your loved ones, or your family, to enjoy together several favorite dishes, sip a little wine, close your eyes and enjoy everything intertwining closely together, you will have an unforgettable and unique musical and culinary experience.


When throwing your soul into the classical and lyrical melodies, you also feel like time maybe stop and you can forget all the worries about life, at that moments you suddenly feel your hearts so strangely light that you just need to take a touch and see happiness right beside you.


A tasty dish, a beautiful song will no longer be attractive, no more exciting if they are not enjoyed in the right time, and in the right space. And La Badiane will not let you down. The Haute French cuisine, classical and lyrical music is too appropriate for the luxurious space of the 5-star restaurant, the harmony of greenery, fresh air and more particularly the right time of the chilly autumn day.


Come and enjoy a high-class and diverse menu, wallow in the classical music performed by professional artists and enjoy autumn with La Badiane every Wednesday, you certainly experience the unforgettable impression!