Come and taste: The paradise of “Fusion food” of French – Vietnamese cuisine

The fabulous mixtion of French and Vietnamese cuisine making new distinctive culinary impression,which is one of the main factors  that attracts and keeps diners with La Badiane.

Enjoy signature/featured dishes of French

In a luxurious, cozy and close to nature space, you will enjoy the superior cuisine from the pompous France. And you will also be captivated by the aroma and the taste of butter, milk, fussy and exquisite in shape of cheese and the typical dishes on the dining table of the French such as foie gras, duck, and cheese.


Shrimp soup, white egg together with spicy ,meaty and delicious coconut milk is a great start for a luxury meal.


2 - Đùi vịt hầm với lá xạ hương và đậu hầm cassoulet (5)

Foie gras – a signature dish that is indispensable in French cuisine


Greasy taste of stewed duck leg with thyme leaves. Well-known for pastries, delicous cakes and sweet cool ice cream are indispensable things on the French banquets

A different flavour of Vietnam cuisine in French style

The sophisticated of French cuisine combines subtly with the essence of Vietnamese culinary culture making a delicious and marvelous taste but familiar, which only be served at La Badiane. Green fresh ingredients which are carefully chosen can even emphasize and elevate fresh flavour for the noddle-rolled.


Apart from Vietnam materials like green vegetables, cucumber, carrot and shrimp, butter and mayone sauce made a bold French – Vietnam’s flavour dishes.


Simple processing but this dish requires ingenuity and the cooker have to know how to use materials reasonably to reach to the success. Vietnamese cuisine  goes into a corner of a renowned French restaurant menu simply like that.

La Badiane is the intersection door of French and Vietnamese culture, space and cuisine –a place for those who love French food but still recall for Vietnam food at once.

Come to La Badiane and you will feel the most wonderful things.