What’s new in A La Carte of La Badiane?

March – the month of the newfangled changes in the menu of La Badiane with attractive, delicate and inviting dishes. A La Carte is like a vanguard of that innovation? How wonderful A La Carte has become, let’s find it out!

1. Starters

Starters always play an important role in French cuisine. It’s like an overture of a track, which must be very gentle, subtle, alluring enough to attract the audiences. So how does A La Carte fascinate its “spectator”?


… Parmaham rolled with grilled aubergine, cheese and arugula…

The fresh flavour of arugula blending with the cheesy taste of cheese, mixing with the delicious grilled aubergine all is wrapped in typical moreish aroma of Parmaham that creates the strange but familiar taste to the diners, letting them nibble a little bit to enjoy all that typical aroma.

gan ngỗng

… foie gras with apple chutney and figs …

Or the diners can also choose to have a starter with foie gras with apple chutney and figs. The typical tart of figs and the sweet-and-sour of apple chutney will add up for the foie gras.

2. Main Course

Coming to the main dish, the customers will surely be conquered by the French flavour in each dishes.

sò điệp

… Seared scallops and seafood, bouquet of vegetables with parsley, zucchini juice and saffron emulsion

Just by looking, the diners will see the appeal in the food decoration and harmonious combinations of colors. Typical sweetness of seafood standing out in the bouquet of vegetables with parsley, zucchini juice and saffron emulsion … will conquer the customer’s taste from the first touch.

thịt cừu

… Braised lamb with couscous, red cabbage and lamb sauce …

Let’s imagine, the piece of lamb seems to melt in the mouth, very softly, very wet, mixing with the typical sweetness of lamb sause. A little of red cabbage and couscous is to balance the taste. Whether this enough sweet, enough fat, enough tender dish can conquer you or not?

3. Dessert

Dessert will certainly be reminiscent dishes for the customers. With A La Carte, whether you have the dessert with baileys « crème brulée », raspberry salad, tangerine sorbet or amaretto tiramisu, pear pastilla in cinnamon, pistachio ice-cream, they all can conquer you.

kem cháy

Baileys « crème brulée », raspberry salad, tangerine sorbet…


Amaretto tiramisu, pear pastilla in cinnamon, pistachio ice-cream

What are you waiting for? Let’s experience a completely new A La Carte at La Badiane, No 10 Nam Ngu Street Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. We’re ready to serve you! Contact to book a table: (04) 3942.4509