Some clothing mistakes to avoid when coming to 5-star restaurant

You have an arrangement at 5-star restaurant and are wondering what to dress? There is no need to be fussy clothes but you should take note some belowing mistakes to avoid.

Kinds of clothes

When coming to restaurant, many woman choose some dresses that are fastidious: either too fuzzy or too close-bodied.


By the dress that has overlong sleeves, you maybe are encumbered when it always tends to touch the foods. The tight-fitting costume is too close-bodied will make you feel uncomfortable in a long time. Some one also prefer the clothes made from thin chiffon or somes too short and too sexy … These sets do not seem to really fit the place such luxury and polite as 5-star restaurant with its elegant customers.

Choosing a dress with sparkling rhinestone will make everyone around feel you are going to extreme. A stylish and flashy appearance of dress sticking sequin would be more appropriated as to the art events, bars, the gala night dinner rather than a meal at the 5-star restaurant.

Your footware

High-heeled footwares are the indispensable accompanions of any girls, helping them to get politer in appearance and more girly in each step. Coming to 5-star restaurant, it seems to be a good choice for girl to choose high-heeled shoes. However, to make it to be the best combination, you should pay attention to what you are going to dress and where you are going to. Don’t pick up the one too high or too tight because it will discomfort you while you have a meal.


Especially, when coming to 5-star restaurant, you should not wear flip flop because it tells a lot that you have never invested your time to think of the date and the place you would go to. It is really bad impression about social skill of anyone.

No matter how much love you spend to sporty shoes like sneakers or wedges, let them be home or save them for other occasions such as street wondering or backpacking. It will be more acceptable than you use them to come to restaurant.

Choosing clothes is not difficult. Just pay a little attention and avoid some above mistakes, you can pick and mix a garment that suits for your date at 5-star restaurant!