Carpaccio beef and the unknown secrets

Italy is known as the art center of Europe and just like France, this country owns a diverse cuisine. The Italian is famous for their sophistication and complication in choosing ingredients and cooking the foods, and the raw beef meat Carpaccio is a strong evident for such observation. Having been around for a long while with the Rome, Carpaccio is the dish that you have to try at least once in your lifetime to feel the distinctiveness of Rome’s culinary art.

History of Carpaccio

“Carpaccio” is the international name of a tradition Italian food whose main ingredient is raw meat. The name firt came into existence in Venice during the time of the memorial exhibition of the Venice painter – Vittore Carpaccio – in 1950.

Carpaccio beef and the unknown secrets

This dish originates from a local dish in Piemonte called Carne cruda all’Albese (in Italian: Alba raw meat), created and made popular by Giuseppe Cipriani – owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice. At first, he cooked this dish to serve Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo when her doctor advises her to consume raw meat. He named the dish after his favorite artist, and that’s how the name “Carpaccio” was born.

The world loves Carpaccio for its fresh meat and the sophisticating combination of the accomplished ingredients. To make this dish, they slide the raw beef into 1-mm slides, pour some olive oil and lemon juice on them, put them in a fridge for a while, then serve cold. Beef Carpaccio and salmon Carpaccio are the most common types of Carpaccio in European restaurants, especially in summer when the light taste of the dish cools off the summer heat.

Enjoy beef Carpaccio at La Badiane

People in some countries love raw meat dishes because the fresh flavors are retained. At La Badiane, we do our best to keep those fresh flavors in our Carpaccio dishes.

Carpaccio beef and the unknown secrets 02

It is the combination of Wasabi and raw sliced of beef Tenderloin, arugula salad, soybean sprouts with hot candied ginger and fries shallots. The Japanese touch of this elegant dish will rise up the flavor of raw beef. This appetizer is suitable for those who want to “take risk” and try raw beef, or simply to taste something different, cool for the summer, not fried or cooked but still provide a sufficient amount of protein for your body.

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