Canapé – Small party of beautiful and exquisite little pieces

Canapé where you can experience creative and unique Western style cuisine with little yet exquisite food pieces.

What is Canepe?

In French, Canapé means small dishes often served to the guests at the reception before dinner. Canapé is characterized by a small portion with very subtle pieces and can be enjoyed with fingers, so it can be considered as a kind of finger-food.

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You can see Canapé in mostly European-style dinner party where the guests often move around to have social talking, so it’s not convenient for them to eat at the table. During the dinner, they have Canapé with wine before the main meal. As for the wedding, after the ceremony, Canapé dishes are served, so that bride and groom can talk and enjoy with their friends and guests.

Popular Canapé dish include a base made from starch (crackers, bread) and various top filling  of vegetables, meat, fish, cheese … The base is toasted, cut into small pieces, added with a little of filling and vegetable sauce on top and finally put on a silver tray. They look very stunning and delicious. Asian chefs have particularly created Canapé menu including Asian dishes such as spring rolls, sushi, Peking duck spring rolls …

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Outstanding feature of Canapé is that the dishes are extremely beautiful in presentation and creative in taste. A little piece of Canapé can have more than 10 different ingredients with vibrant colors but they all blend perfectly in just one bite. With the sauce dish that people can find  not comfortable eating with the hands, chefs can place them with toothpicks pin, spoon, hopper or glass.

How to enjoy Canapé?

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Canapé include small serving dishes eaten with hands, so you should enjoy them slowly while choosing appropriate foods for you to avoid leaving leftovers on the plate when they do not suit your taste. Canapé party often serve more than 30 dishes, so people can leisurely enjoy each dish.

Small and beautiful – the first two characteristics when we mention Canapé culture. Away from the hearty meal with full dishes, you can go to La Badiane, 10 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi to experience a new Canapé reception which is elegantly and meticulously prepared. You will definitely love it at the first sight.