What to buy when traveling to France?

What to buy when travelling to France must be the most common query of traveller. You can take the follows into consideration to make a decision what souvenirs you are supposed to buy for your relatives and friends. 

As a paradise for the shopaholics and travelholics, France, the citadel of light, receives several millions of visitors every year. When arriving in France, you can choose French fashionable presents namely fragrances or beauty cosmetics… or other local delicacies as wine, cheese, baguette which are all wonderful choice.

1. Clothes and accessories shopping in France 


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French fashion has always been appreciated and respected. All shopping malls in France are always updated with the latest fashion trends in the world and their products have high applicability. If you are travelling to France and wondering what to buy, you can drop a visit the shops or the malls to get some latest fashion clothes and accessories with perfect quality as presents for your family and beloved ones.

2. French wine – A must-to-get item when travelling in France   


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Known as a romantic country, France is globally famous for its two specialties of roses and wine. After enjoying an exciting vacation in France, would you think French specialties shall be a good suggestion for gifting?

3. Bread in France - Quintessential French cuisine

In France, bread is commonly used in daily meals. Speaking of bread in France, it is often addressed to Baguette – a long and narrow loaf of French bread with the crunchy crust. It is also a popular gift choice of visitors.


Baguette is usually used with paste, dressed with mayonnaise or with a cup of hot chocolatefor breakfast, or with some cheese and a glass of wine for a simple dinner. Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com

Baguette can be used within a certain number of days. Therefore, it you want to have it as presents, please get advice from the sellers.

4. Cheese – Typical French cuisine


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France is known as a country having the highest consumption of cheese. In France, there are more than 500 types of cheese with different smell and taste. They are mostly made from cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. Saint – Nectaire is made from the raw cow’s milk raised in Auvergne area. Camembert is flavored with the fatty taste of milk and fragrance of fruits… And there are still a number of different cheese that you can have as presents.

5. Unique souvenir in France


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There is a wide range of gift choices for you when travelling in French. The present could be a Macaron-shaped jewelry box sold in souvenir stores in France, a Frence music CD, Montmartre music box with melodious rhythms, or simply just a caricature or a masterpiece of your portrait picture drawn by French artists sitting at every corner in Montmartreb…