Buffet Etiquette

You’ve got invited to a buffet, and you feel rather anxious because all of your dining experiences stop at cozy family meals or birthday parties with friends where you can eat all you want without formal etiquette to follow. But in a luxurious buffet in a formal setting with many VIPs, beside maintaining good manners and being friendly, culinary etiquette is something you should pay attention to should you want to leave good impression on others.

Buffet etiquette 1

Dining etiquette is a good thing to learn. Before coming to a party, take a few minutes to find out what kind of party it is to behave in accordance to its style. In this article, La Badiane would like to share with you a few tips on buffet etiquette.

1. Order of dishes

In a buffet, you can freely choose the dishes you like among plenty of foods available on rows of tables. There are no rules in what food you can choose, but it’s good to remember to start from appetizers to desserts, from savory to sweet foods, from “dried” main courses to soup. Also, it would be best to take an overall look at the dishes before dig in to make sure your tummy’s got space for your favorites!

2. Dining utensils

Flatware sets are an indispensable part of the dining. Be careful not to place your dining utensils on the plate while moving – you’d drop them very easily! Just keep them in one hand while the other holds the plate.

Buffet etiquette 2

And please be introduced to some types of European glasses:


3. Notes

- Don’t try to get through the queue to get your food.

- Don’t stand in front of a particular tray of foods for too long and block others’ way. And remember to use the serving spoons instead of your own to get the food!

- Don’t waste the foods. Just get enough on your plate and don’t leave even a piece of bread crumb.

- If you still feel uncertain after reading this tips – just watch others and follow. This might slow down your dining process but it’s safe. Or just ask for help from any of the waiters, they’re always ready to serve!

Good luck with the buffets!

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