Avocado – Necessary fruit of healthy people (Part 1)

bo tot cho toc bơ

Avocado is not too unfamiliar with people but not everyone knows all of their effects. Let’s find out why eating an avocado every day can ensure the best health.

1. Keep a healthy heart

If you are looking for a natural foods benefitting your heart, avocado will be your wise choice. On average, a cup of avocado contains 23% of folate – which has been proven to take effect in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Also, avocado also contains vitamin E and glutathione, which are nutrients also bettering the cardiovascular system and the body’s immune. Therefore, adding avocado right into your menu every day, and you surely have a healthy heart and “perfect” immune system.

bo tot cho toc

An avocado smoothie every day for a healthy heart

2. Protect the eyes

Every day we have to work with rust, dust, computer screen … which makes more and more people today suffer from eye-related diseases like myopia, macular degeneration, cataracts … Therfore, adding nutrients such as vitamin A, lutein … is necessary to “nourish” the eyes.

Lutein in avocados is an extremely good nutrient, keeping you away from diseases related to the eyes to make them healthy and radiant.

3. Give your body a “slimness”

For those who are losing weight, avocado is a recommended fruit for everyday. Avocado has the ability to increase the ability to absorb the nutrients of food, especially when being eaten with vegetables. Therefore, you can feel secure to enjoy the dishes without worrying about getting fat due to excess fat.


Combining avocado with food will help you to metabolize the nutrients easily, giving you the slim body as your wish

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