Banana brioche – simplicity makes difference

What makes this simple but special cake different from the cakes that you’ve tried before? Let’s get to know one of La Badiane’s trademark desserts.

The ingredients to make Brioche are simple: flour, butter, sugar, egg, and milk. However, unlike the ordinary cakes, Brioche is made from a rich amount of butter and a lot of eggs, which may confuse the first-time Brioche makers: “Is this okay to use that much butter?” But the skilled bakers will say: “Don’t worry. It is the butter that creates the rich taste and soft texture for the Brioche, preventing it from getting either too dry or too crunchy like the ordinary types of bread.

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Especially, this is a rather easy cake to “improvise”. Served with fruit jam or dipped in coffee, the Brioche always bring greate tastes. For those who like savoury flavor, having Brioche with hot dog or foie gras are some good options to consider.

At La Badiane, having understood the Vietnamese’s favorite tastes, our chefs have created a distinct type of Brioche for customers. Instead of syrup, jam, raspberries or fresh milk, we “dangerously” combine Brioche with bananas and caramel, creating a flavor “explosion”. Caramel is like the sweetest “addiction” in the world, softly covering the buttery Brioche, complemented by the light sweetness of sliced banana.  The distinct smell of bananas make a light touch to the dessert, making it different from other types of Brioche that you might have tasted!

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Banana brioche at La Badiane

To the dessert “admirers”: where do you rank Brioche in your list of “favorites”? Why don’t you spend a sweet night at La Badiane with your loved one?