Baguette – the addictive stick

French cuisine is not only famous for luxury gourmet dishes but also for normal, daily dishes. Typically, baguette, one of people’ favorite street food and has been named as “the addictive dishes”.



Bread in France has hundreds of types, ingredients, recipes, but the most typical one should be baguette. This simple dish is nearly inevitable in daily French daily meals.

Throughout the country, whether buying baguettes from famous bakeries or supermarkets, the taste and shape of them are usually not varied. An only 5-6cm wide baguette could be half-a-meter-long, because of this special shape, people decided to call it “a stick” for simplicity. Hardly that you could find a poor-quality, out-of-date baguette in France, since every bakery has to pay attention to their products.



Outside a bakery in France, it is not strange at all to see people line up, especially early in the morning or late afternoon. Even though, they are bread, people rarely call them “pain” (means bread in general in French). Walk in a bakery and ask for “a stick”, they would immediately understand and give you a hot Baguette.



A hot, crispy and fragrant freshly-baked baguette attracts people for its simple but incredible taste. Honey yellow crust, crispy bite-in, and chewy soft crumb with sweet after-taste. In the mild wind of autumn or snowing winter, eating a baguette could instantly warm your body up.

Plenty of people are tempted with those tastiness and simplicity that they immediately put a piece the top from the baguette into their mouths. Sometimes, several learning-to-walk babies ask their parents to let them hold the baguettes, which are even taller than their selves, with joy. Some try to bite the top with their little mouths.

There is variety of ways to enjoy a baguette. Serving with butter, dipping in olive oil or eating aside soups or stews, putting in a bowl of coffee or hot chocolate, they are all full of tastiness. Simpler, just bite the whole loaf, you would finish it in a jiff.

If you have a chance to visit the beautiful country, France, don’t just enjoy luxury gourmer dishes that forget to taste this simple but incredible Baguette.