Awaken your 5 senses with French wine

French wine has “overflowed” out of the border of France and create an “invasion of culinary culture” that win the hearts of billions of people around the world.

French wines are famous and admired by the whole world thanks to its scrumptious taste. It has been said that delicious taste of French wine can awaken all five senses.



Appealing red color of French wine – Source:

The color of wine speaks its sleek and chic. Whether it is bright red, dark red, ivory  or amber,  it is always eye-catching when poured into a  normal glass or crystal glass .


Smell the sweet and inviting flavor spreading in space. Soothing lingering aroma of wide flowers mingles with the intensive scent of grape, orange, smell freshly cut grass …, creating a unique smell, only found in the French wine. That’s why people fall in love with French wine.




People can enjoy wine by ear. Hearing the sounds of glasses clinking is enough to make people feel happy and inspired. It explains why people usually drink wine by the glass or crystal glass. When we clink the glasses, tinkling sounds make the meeting drink more enjoyable.


Have you ever tried to feel wine by touching? We do not touch wine directly but the heat of our hands is transmitted to the glass.


Finally, we definitely will feel wine with our own taste. Nothing can make us enthralled and impressed by the taste of wine. Good wine with charming taste on the tip of the tongue give a passionate feeling like we are with our lover. We feel the harmony of many different tastes, including sourness and sweetness of grape juice, acridness of grape skins, bitter taste of the stalks and the special taste of oak. It is like a symphony of flavors


 Wine for more delicious meals – Source:

Have you ever awakened 5 senses with wine? Let La Badiane help you feel and enjoy wine in “standard” way. Enjoying authentic quality wines going with scrumptious delicacies prepared by chef Benjamin will be definitely unforgettable experiences for you from the first taste.