Avocado – Necessary fruit of healthy people (Part 2)

4. Make hair soft and silky

Refined fats in avocado helps to moisturize effectively, giving your hair naturally smoothness. So, not surprisingly, many hair care products, shampoo … are extracted from avocados.

In addition, vitamin B, copper minerals, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and healthy fats in avocados help your hair become healthy and smooth from the inside. You must have known how to care for your tangled hair when reading this far, right?

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Avocado – “panacea” for tangled hair

5. Reduce cholesterol in the blood

Avocado contains a lot of oleic acid, a monounsaturated and very healthy fat, helping to reduce cholesterol levels as well as increase satiety. Eating avocados regularly can help you reduce fat and toxic substances in the body significantly.

Are you obese and worried about the disease caused by excess cholesterol in the blood? Please add avocado right into the list of daily food to minimize the risk of popular illness due to excess cholesterol.

6. Make skin glow and smooth

Ranking in the top of the fruits benefitting the skin, avocado is trusted by many women to take care and bettering skin every day.

Beyond being used as food, avocado mask takes effect in moisturizing, making the skin smooth and fair. So, if you combine eating and using avocado mask regularly, you will see your skin changing dramatically.

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Adding avocado in your daily meal will make your skin beautiful both from the inside and the outside

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