Autumn delicacy: Grilled prawns with sesame, mashed sweet potatoes, red wine sauce

The dishes of the fall usually give you a sense of warmth, gentleness, simpleness but full exquisiteness. Let’s discover a dish cooked from the main materials which will be the freshest prawns, just see what makes it special and suitable for the autumn!

The fatty prawns are grilled just in time. They remained the soft taste of prawns, making the red color of ripening prawns. Prawns themselves are nutritious, easy to prepare, easy to combine with other ingredients to create plenty of diverse dishes. Prawns combined with sweet potatoes is probably fairly new but it is interested by many diners at La Badiane.


In autumn, sweet potatoes are very popular in Vietnam. The aromatic sweetness of these rural bulbs has attracted numerous diners, creating the special accent for this dish. Sweet potatoes become more attractive, worth being a haute cuisine dish of the 5-star restaurant when cooked by the skillful hands of the French chefs.


Combination of the sweetness of mashed sweet potatoes and a red wine sauce will make you fascinated, enthralled. With attractive colors, the natural sweetness of prawns and sweet potatoes, especially the viscid and hot sauce of red wine, which is very suitable for the chilly weather of autumn

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