Appetite stimulation with Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan pepper is a commonly used spice in Asian food and it is Benjamin chef who specially studied and selected to flavor some French dishes. This combination delivers an unforgettable taste that could be generated by dishes served in La Badiane only.

Sichuan Pepper – Spice of Asian cuisine. 

Originated from Sichuan province (China), this spice with its unique aroma and taste was commonly used for hot pot. By learning that strange, tingling, buzzing, numbing sensation brought by Sichuan pepper, Benjamin the chef are have a high interest in combining it with other flavors to prepare more new dishes tasting distinctive.

tieu tu xuyen1

The pepper is often used in form of powder keeping the aroma of Sichuan area which spreads over the space with its own greatest flavor. The taste that cannot be mistaken with any other spice serves as perfect guidance for a tasty meal. By having a small bite, you will get a tongue-numbing feeling that even words can hardly express.

Unresisting combination of Sichuan pepper in French course preparation

With is vast knowledge of the global cuisine, Benjamin the Chef of La Badiane has succeeded in winning over this “difficult” spice in the course of Australian beef tenderloin roasted with fresh French foie gras, Italian risotto, grilled Sichuan pepper, pea and mango, or mixed with lemon grass sauce.


The attractive beef tenderloin with the fatty smell of foie gras is preserved with the fresh color of the beef stake. By biting the stake, the soft taste will spread over in your mouth. How attractive it is! The course was distinctive not only by the soft and tasty beef but the special combination of flavours. You will be high on spice by the flavors of lemon grass grilled Sichuan pepper and mango. Together with Italian risotto and peas, the dish will bring you brand-new experience.

Don’t hesitate to come and enjoy the wonderful flavor of this course in La Badiane with your family and friends. La Badiane always welcome your presence.