Appealing 3-course luncheon for a sunny autumn day

Coming to La Badiane, dinners will be impressed by the natural space, diverse and appealing menu with the typical dishes of France. Let’s see what appears in La Badiane lunch menu that is suitable for this sunny autumn day!

Starter: Duck French rillettes, candied onions in cumin served with bread


Duck French rillettes is a familiar starter of the French. Its taste has fascinated numerous gourmets all over the world. Duck French rillettes itself was a premium, nutrient-rich food so it needs no fussy cooking. The French chefs use a sauce of onions and red wine to combine with the dishes, served with crispy grilled baguette slices. When enjoying, you will find the Duck French rillettes seem to melt on the tongue when it touches, mixing with its typical sauce … that can be a perfect start for your autumn lunch!

Main course: Grilled prawns with sesame, mashed sweet potatoes, red wine sauce

8.3 ảnh 2

The fatty prawns are grilled just in time. They remained the soft taste of prawns, making the red color of ripening prawns. Combination of the sweetness of mashed sweet potatoes and a red wine sauce will make you fascinated, enthralled. With attractive colors, the natural sweetness of prawns and sweet potatoes, especially the viscid and hot sauce of red wine, which is very suitable for the chilly weather of autumn.

Dessert: Yoghurt mousse with crispy rice, passion fruit sauce

kem cháy

Green rice flakes is a popular dish of Vietnamese, the green rice flakes scenting with the fragrance of rice is an indispensable characteristic of autumn in Hanoi. For the special dessert of lunch menu, the chef has cleverly combined the crispy rice with yellow passion fruit sauce and yoghurt mousse, which is slightly sweet and sour, with little chocolate mint, making this dessert become perfect. It is too great to finish this lunch in the chilly autumn weather.

In addition to the amazing and consistent with the weather food, the space of this restaurant is also an integral part to help the meal become perfect.


An open space with trees, sun, and wind is to let you enjoy the autumn atmosphere flooding in from the outside. So you can easily “touch” the fall and feel the full feelings of lightness, comfort of “the most beautiful season of the year”.