The amazing transformation of La Badiane

La Badiane has just gone through a big renovation which lasted for half a month from 21 July 2015. The renovation – including the sweeping, the mopping and the cleansing afterwards – officially finished in mid-August, completely transforming La Badiane’s ground floor and leaving our customers in awe. Curious yet? Here are some photos of our “transformation”.  

La Badiane Small Paris in Hanoi

The entrance is now even greener with extra plants, bringing a strong sense of nature and relaxation right from the moment you walk in.

Transformation La Badiane 2

The area in front of the bar is now divided in two, creating a gorgeous little corner for customers who prefer more privacy.

Transformation La Badiane 3

A beige hanging curtain adorns the area, giving it a sense of gentle intimacy…

Transformation La Badiane 4

…away from the large open space which is further inside

Transformation La Badiane 5

If you step into the main area at noon, you would feel as if you are glowing because of the sunshine…

Transformation La Badiane 6

that goes straight from the glass windows up high.

Transformation La Badiane 7

Further inside is a more cozy area of tables for two or smaller groups…

Transformation La Badiane 8

…adorned by the black and white photos taken by the owner – Mr. Minh Spielmann

Hope you enjoy the new look. And stay tuned, we will elaborate more on the style and color scheme in the next posts!