Amazing health benefits of red beetroots

Amount of nutrition, taste, color,… what is the factor that decides your daily choice of vegetables? It would be perfect if there was one type of veggie that could meet all those 3 requirements. Actually, there is! La Badiane would like to introduce to you the red beetroot – a rich source of nutrition behind the “passionate” look!

1. Prevent stroke and heart attack

Cholesterol is considered as “an enemy” that leads to obesity and cardiovascular diseases, so we often favor and look for the foods that can reduce the amount of cholesterol in our bodies. The search is over: red beetroot is an antioxidant has the capability of reducing cholesterol – such a helpful assistant in preventing the heart!

Besides, red beetroot has been proven to help reduce hypertension for 25% of the world population in adulthood, and of course, no one can deny its critical role in preventing coronary heart disease and stroke. Therefore, consider adding a glass of red beetroot juice in your daily diet to maintain good health.


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2. Prevent cancer

Nitrosamines has been known as one of the perpetrators” of cancer. However, worry no more about the presence of uninvited guests”, because many studies have shown that beetroot juice has the ability to stop the illegal gatheringof compounds nitrosamines. Accordingly, a glass of beetroot juice a day will be a great way to improve your health.

3. Help you look more youthful

The happy, lively look on yourself will make your life much more wonderful. Let the betaine in red beetroots boost the production of natural serotonin (a substance that makes you excitedto the body. In a simpler term, red beetroot helps you stay refreshing, comfortable and maintain as a perfect appearance as possible!


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4. Make your liver healthier

Not with any kind of food you can find cyanin pigment beta that help liver detoxify efficiently as in red beetroot. You will be surprised with red beetroot’s ability to prevent fatigue, remove toxins and combat the formation of fat layers of compounds in the liver. So if your weight is not as standard“, don’t forget to add red beetroots into your daily menu to improve your physique and protect your livers.


With the benefits that beetroots can bring, it’s not difficult to understand why the chefs at La Badiane always try to integrate this type of veggie into our dishes. If possible, come to La Badiane and try our vegetarian dish: Zucchini & beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade with smooth refreshing taste of arugula, candied lemon and crispy sesame biscuit. The subtle combination of fresh and scrumptious ingredients, will give customers a pleasant experience when enjoying.

A light meal will definitely make your autumn more interesting with cool, nutritious dishes made of red beetroots. Don’t forget to visit La Badiane to have the amazing culinary experiences!