Amazing gift for your kids on the beginning of the school year

The new school year is right around the corner when August  comes. It is also the time for you to give your kids a meaningful gift as a special encouragement. 

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Giving to your kid a gift on back-to-school occasion or an abundant meal at 5-star restaurant with his most favourite foods will be the message that back to school is a big transition and everybody always accompany him.

In fact, this gift also tells more than you think. Let’s discover with La Badiane!

Live your kid up 


It is not necessary to prepare a valuable present, it can be anything that makes your kid feel enjoyable and learn some useful lessons from it.

At restaurant, your kid will be excited because they have an equal opportunities to choose the most favourite foods. Enjoying the foods that chosen by yourselves always have more fun than those chosen by others.

Moreover, this welcome gift for the new school year also helps him feel more excited and wake up his eagerness to achieve new grade at school.

Nourish the positive characters


When having a meal at 5-star restaurant, you have precious opportunity to teach your kids about table ettiquettes at luxury eatery such as seating, napkin, food service,… as a lady/gentlemen. Herein, it is large classroom for your kid to observe everything surrounding: the courteous people dressed in correct clothings, talking gently. The wonderful, unique garnishment is the lesson about the chef who is so wholehearted, passionated always want to create the best food for customers. During these observation, your kid is supposed to form their own sight about this world; therefore, they form better manners and better behaviors.

After a long summer vacation with great pleasure, it often takes much time for your kid accustom to the new timetable. Let them experience something really exciting so that they can do it easily.