A brand new lunch set to greet summer is now available at La Badiane

A dynamic summer is coming, since this March, visitors entering La Badiane to have lunch will experience an absolute fresh menu only at 340.000 VND.

Being known as one of the most fammous French restaurants in Ha Noi, La Badiane will bring you not only the romantic and cozy atmosphere but also food with meticulous interesting preparation.


In order to welcome a crowded summer and international women’s day 8/3 as well as follow our motto “Always give our customers the most best experience in French cuisine, since 1st March, La Badiane will replace almost all of menu for lunch including appetizers, main courses and homemade salad.

Firstly, you will get accustomed to French cuisine through our appetizers such as: Roasted goat cheese salad, apples & fig chutney, honey with cinnamon flavor; Fresh crab spring rolls, mango “rougaille” & curcuma cream; Duck French rillettes &chorizo, tartar sauce.


Then, you will have up to 6 choices for the main course. If you love food that contains a lot of protein, perharps you may choose grilled chicken breast marinated in persillade, mash potatoes & pepper tomato coulis or beef carpaccio & pomelo, kumquat dressing & French fries.


And if you are a seafood lover, you can choose Pan-fried seabass & spicy coconut milk, stewed eggplants with curry Arborio rice.

If you want to enjoy the typical dishes of French cuisine, do not forget to taste Rolled mushroom pancakes & truffle oil, green salad at La Badiane.

For salad and homemade pasta, you will enjoy the most nutritious and freshest food such as Roasted camembert cheese & bacon, thyme flavor, carrots & gherkins in old-style mustard dressing or prosciutto & arugula lasagna, Gorgonzola cream & balsamic glaze.


Instead of having had only 1 choice with 3 dishes for lunch, right now you can have another perfect option to enjoy many unique dishes of La Badiane which is 2 – dish set at only 340.000VND.

For this type of set, you can choose an appetizer with a main course or salad or homemade pasta or main course with dessert. The way to cook all dishes in this set will also be changed to made food more abundant, healthier and especially, more relevant to this summer.

Call La Badiane or reserve your booking immediately at http://labadiane-hanoi.com/ to completely enjoy a scrumptious French lunch in Ha Noi.