5 wonderful health benefits of avocados

With their smooth texture and a nutty taste including up to 20 vitamins and minerals; avocados have become one of the most nutritious and freshest foods in the world. Let’s discover avocados’ benefits to human health with La Badiane!

1. Lower cholesterol content and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Like olive oil and nuts, avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association implies that avocados are rich in healthy fats and other nutrients. Having an avocado everyday can significantly help the lower cholesterol content and lessen the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, you still have enough fat without worrying about weight problems.


Source: saoonline.vn

2. Blood Pressure Support

Avocados help lower the blood pressure in a natural and effective way as thanks to their high contents of potassium and magnesium – two compounds needed for the treatment of essential hypertension. In fact, avocados are richer in such nutrients than most other fruits, including bananas or kiwi fruit.


Source: sieuthitangcan.org

3. Natural Beauty’s Product

Avocados are used in natural beauty and health care as they are rich in vitamins namely A, E and D together with other minerals of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. Not only does it help protect fatty acids against oxidation and slow down the aging process of skin cells to keep the skin hydrated and give it  better ton but there is also a lot of values in the skin regenerating and moisturizing. Avocado oil protects skin from drying and increases skin elasticity.


Source: thucphamlamdep.edu.vn

4. Keep hair shiny

If you are encountering some hair problems namely damaged hair or gray hair… avocados shall then be the best therapy for you since they contain a high level of Vitamin B, copper, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and healthy fats. These substances help you not only keep fit but they also assist you to have more healthy and shiny hair.


Source: news.zing.vn

5. Better nutrition absorption

A recent study has shown that people who eat salad with avocados will absorb carotenoid (including lycopene and carotene) 5 times higher than those who don’t.


Avocado & beetroot bruschetta with féta cheese, black olive tapenade at La Badiane Restaurant.

At La Badiance, you can enjoy a variety of dishes with this wonderful fruit, especially the sweetest and most delicacy dish is Toast with avocado and beetroot coupled with feta cheese and crushed black olives. The fragrant crispy bread is mingled with the juicy of avocadoes, freshness of beetroot, the silkiness of feta cheese and crushed black olives. All are blended softly and you would surely fall in love with them right from the first taste.

Thence, please do not hesitate to add avocados in you daily diet to keep fit!