5 suggestions for a sweeter Valentine’s Day

Enjoying a romantic dinner at La Badiane together, going somewhere far away, having dinner at home or writting a letter to the other half with deep affection heart are suggestions for couples who are in love to have a sweet and unforgettable Valentine’s day
“Go hiding” somewhere far away
Places around Hanoi has become quite familiar for your date. Then the destinations which is 20 – 30 km far from Hanoi will be the suggestion for couples in Valentine’s Day.

Let’s “escape” to a place that far from the capital and enjoy the time together.

Dinner in a romantic atmosphere
You still have not come up with a meaningful gifts that occupíe her heart? Then La Badiane will suggest you an extremely impressive and romantic gift, which helps you score points in her eyes – it’s a special dinner at La Badiane.

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The menu with 5 choices in a romantic atmosphere with candles, flowers and melodious music will make her heart flutter and will never forget this special evening.

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French dishes can not be delicious enough without suitable glass of wine, La Badiane suggests 5 special wines for Valentine’s Day more fully.

Cooking dinner
House party that seems quite an old suggestion for couples. But in fact, this is a good idea to help you express yourself as a man / woman of the family. Caring and tending daily to the other half.


After dinner, let’s watch a romantic movie or listen to a sweet melody.

Review the first date
The first appointment often leaves a lot of memories and unforgettable moments. That’s why Valentine’s Day is an occasion that you can review the memories from the start flirting, dating and love passionately.


Together reviewing the lovely and sweet memories in this special “first date”.

Hand writing
Here are suggestions for couples who are in the learning, flirting together. Write a letter of sincere, affectionate for “him” instead of the cheesy messages on Zalo message, Facebook, … Write to him / her deep emotions in the heart, “he” definitely can help being touched in the heart and nod to be your lover.
How about you, your Valentine’s gets nothing special. Please share with La Badiane!
Refer to the menu for Valentine’s at: http://bit.ly/2lpO4ri