5 spots for couples at La Badiane

The elegant setting of La Badiane has impressed lots of customers. The restaurant arranges the furniture in a way that provides space for big groups of diners as well as individuals, couples and families. In this article, let’s check out 5 romantic and intimate spots for couples at La Badiane.


Cap doi 2
A private table on the first floor for two

Cap doi 1

More tables for two arranged side by side, for couples who enjoy a more sociable atmosphere among other customers

Cap doi 3

A really pretty spot, either for couples or individual diners in the open space, near the entrance


Cap doi 5

Choose a corner table by the window if you enjoy looking out on the small street below while dining

Cap doi 4

A more private and cozy spot by the “fake” fireplace

Which one would you choose for a date with the significant other? :)

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