5 ideal spots for family dining at La Badiane

Taking your family out to dine at a luxurious restaurant can be tricky: you wouldn’t want to stand awkwardly in the middle of the dining room, not knowing where your little “army” can sit. While you can reserve a large table with just a simple phone call, which spot would you like to dine at? Take a look at the 5 selected spots that are suitable for family dining at La Badiane.


Gia dinh 1

You wouldn’t want to miss a “picnic” feel if your family is going to have lunch at La Badiane. This large is located under a glass window and always covered in sunshine, making you feel like having an outdoor lunch.

Gia dinh 2

This table for four in a corner of the first floor is many groups of customers’ favorite. It is nice spot, with moderate privacy and comfortable for a family of four.

Gia dinh 3

And you can always choose this gorgeous spot if you have kids and they love to “be active” during the meal instead of sitting still – there are lots of space for them to run around…


Gia dinh 4

This spot with a warm lighting will keep your family’s dinner cozy in the chilling weather of autumn

Gia dinh 5

Or would you like a table set up by the window for some fresh air? 

Which spot would you choose for your family?

If you like further recommendations on where to sit, just give us a call at (04) 3942.4509. We would be honored to give out some sitting options for you to choose before making a reservation at La Badiane.