5 dessert will be “crowned” this summer

Then prepare to summer, the La Badiane attendance delicious desserts are the most popular this year.

1. Cream the fire – that familiar stranger


Just hearing the name alone and unique show, right. Instead of giving in winter to prevent freezing, the ice cream will be roasted ripe. Seductive flavor, exotic, this is the same dishes you can enjoy both a lot of fire in La Badiane creamy first days of summer.

The combination of tart taste burnt cream, rosemary flavor and grapefruit salad, refreshing raspberry, fresh. Lemon cream blended little, dishes will make you ecstatic right the first time touched the tongue.

2. Tiramisu – pie sweet love

Not suddenly do people favors this Tiramisu cake call of love. Characterized delicious Tiramisu brought traveled around the world and become an indispensable side dish of coffee.


La Badiane, layer cake with cheese’s soft, smooth, spicy mix alcohol taste. Sip a toasted piece of chocolate, almond aroma of alcohol and sweet blend of Italian Tiramisu, if this is the reason why this cake is also known as: “Tiramisu – do not forget me!

3. Yogurt sweet cream cool summer day


And nothing better than the incipient days of summer to enjoy a cup of yogurt ice cream cool taste sweet enough. The color of this dessert will make any real guests arrived La Badiane also will be enslaved since the first time

4. Strawberry Salad

Perhaps this is the preferred dessert of all guests when La Badiane by the bar to the eye, easy to eat and vitamin content gives the body extremely high.

3 - Sa lát dâu tây lá bạc hà, ăn cùng kem quýt (4)

Delicious strawberry salad will taste bitter and mild special fragrance of strawberry, cool taste of crunchy vegetables, fruits comes as mint, lettuce and cucumbers. Strawberry salad is very easy to combine with many different dishes Whether you enjoy at home or to any restaurant.

 5. Bananas soaked

2 - Chuối tẩm bột rán với dừa nạo, xốt sô cô la (4)

Coconut banana-laced dishes at La Badiane always received many compliments from the guests. Plastic dish just tasted sweet aroma of coconut crunchy slices of soft fleshy bold back of bananas. Its position will also follow you until you go home. Do not miss this great dessert when coming.