How to have a perfect makeover for your space

With just a few simple steps that don’t cost much, you can make your space as beautiful as an upscale restaurant.

1. Paint

This is probably one of the ways to create a new look for your room that is simple and least costly. A new wall paint can instantly change the living space, and if you do not have enough time to paint the entire room? Try painting onto just parts the wall: a corner, an angle, or its feet – such small changes are already enough to create a new focal point for your room.

F5 your space 1

La Badiane’s previous color scheme of red – brown has been replaced with the elegant colors of beige – green – brown

Simple yet interesting – parts of the wall are wooden and black

2. Look for decorations with reasonable prices

If you can not afford to buy an expensive original paintings, you can liven up the space in the restaurant by the works of emerging artists. Or get in touch with some art students to buy their paintings. You probably will find beautiful, unique paintings with extremely reasonable prices.

Or take advantage of your own photographing skills to create your own photo decoration. It’s a way to preserve good memories and add personality to your space.

F5 your space 4

F5 your space 5

F5 your space 3

F5 your space 8

Photos taken by La Badiane’s owner during his several trips throughout Vietnam

3. Change the focal points

To have a quick – but still spectacular – makeover, replace the usual decorations with new ones.

F5 your space 9

 Change the small details such us the color of your lamps make them more interesting to look at…

F5 your space 2

…creating amazing effects to the whole space.

4. Create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere

In addition to replacing the old decorations with new ones, for the new decoration to have high efficiency, you need to pay attention to the ventilation of the space. A beautiful space filled with light and will bring an endless source of energy for your day.

F5 your space 11

That’s pretty much all of our tips. Hope that’s useful should you ever want to do a makeover for your own space!