4 spices for great flavors by La Badiane

Let’s explore the spices mostly used by La Badiane, those that not only adds delicious flavors to the meals but also help customer fight against many unpleasant symptoms of the body, as well as pushing back any risk of having diseases.

1. Lemon grass 

Citronella is a spice capable help enhance digestion, stomach pain, soothe the muscle cramps, bloating after the big party. On the other hand, Lemongrass is also used as an antidote for the body. Citronella as a catalyst to help the liver, the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, pancreas and bladder are always clean and healthy by assisting the body to remove the unwanted toxins and uric acid.

Cà tím nướng, pho mát dê cuộn trong giăm bông Parma Ý, ăn với sốt lá húng và dấm đen tại La Badiane

Grilled gambas in lemongrass, rolled cauliflower “pastisotto”, grenadine & coriander candied onion, lemongrass emulsion at La Badiane

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is used to cooking, very useful for the digestive system and liver, the Chinese often use technology in combination with other herbs to treat a number of diseases in the digestive system. Also performing are cooked with food to help digestion organs against bacteria and works better at the same time reduce the bloating. Technology stimulates the production of bile in the liver and stimulates the excretion of room suite over the gallbladder. This helps the body destroy fat in the digestive system, the better–contributing to prevent overweight. Eat a lot and don’t have to be too concerned about the nutrition and still stay in shape, isn’t it a great spice for you?

Sò điệp rán và mỳ Ý nướng hải sản ăn cùng nấm, rau và sốt nghệ

Pan-fried scallops, seafood lasagna with mushroom & vegetables, saffron emulsion at La Badiane

 3. Dill

Dill contains antibacterial ingredients, so it can be used to combat inflammation in both inside the body and outside of the skin. It also has components that help to improve digestive function. It can control the acid in the stomach to relieve uncomfortable breathing problems and acid reflux.


Salmon tartar with mellow goat cheese & pink pepper corn, dry fruit & herbs dressing

4. Chilly and pepper

Chili and pepper the circulatory system in our body often gets clogged by fatty diets and sedentary lifestyles. If eating more foods containing animal fat will lead to jam and cause blood high blood pressure. However, according to a study often eat chilli or pepper will help detoxify the blood and reduce cholesterol.

Chili is also very good for the immune system, just eat a little bit of chilli or pepper also make you sweat. This helps you to clean the body and fight the flu. When you have a cold, fever or difficulty breathing, increased nose hole at least chili seasoning on the dish is going fast. In addition it also help you lower chest and fight the inflammation in the Airways. Moreover, it also helps to enhance metabolism in the body, feeling no, from which contribute to effective weight loss.


Mid red tuna fillet cooked with avocado & tomato tarta with red onion, chilly pepper coulis at La Badiane

Hope that these are some good recommendations on spices for the beloved customers at La Badiane!