4 foods you should try at least once at La Badiane

Although made of the same ingredients, La Badiane’s food always tastes special and delicious thank to chief Benjamin Rascalo’s skillful hands.

Being the 5* French restaurant in Ha Noi, La Badiane is also the place you can enjoy a lot of brand new delicious dishes anytime you come. Here we list 4 dishes you should  try at least once when coming to La Badiane.

1. Seared scallops & seafood, bouquet of vegetables with parsley zucchini juice &saffron emulsion


Certainly you will be wonderstruck to see this meal from the first time. The yellow of saffron, the green of parsley and the sweet taste of scallop have pleased customers galore coming to La Badiane for this meal

2. Foie gras with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds

The greasy taste of foie gras with the sour of blackcurrant liquor combined with the crunchy acrid figs will explore your tastebuds since the first bite.


Roasted almonds and other ingredients are skillfully and beautifully decorated which made the food perfect. Especially, some customers had to shout: “ Nothing left in my dish. I ate them all”

3. Duck leg confit in rosemary

“My husband said that was the most delicious French food he’s tasted for a long time” this is the most sincere comment from one of our diners for this meal at Tripadvisor – the biggest website reviewing about travelling worldwide.


The yellow is not too warm, the duck is soft, the stewed beans in tamarind flavor are so appetizing. Let try this and share your thoughts with La Badine

4. Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis

ca hoi nuong

The sweetness of the fish with the slightly sourness of the tomato, crispy onions and tiny cube-cut of buttery avocado ; mixed with the hint of the chili bell pepper sauce will stir up your mouth and makes you feel both impatient and calm.

Pick your phone up to call La Badiane or booking at: http://labadiane-hanoi.com/ to completely enjoy the perfect French meal in the heart of Ha Noi.