4 dishes worth trying once you come to La Badiane (Part 1)

Which food in the menu of La Badiane makes you impressed most? Let’s name 4 tiptop dishes that you absolutely have to try when arriving this French restaurant at No 10, Nam Ngu street.

1. Foie gras terrine with the figs and currant wine, apple powder mixed with spice and baked almond

Mentioning of the French cuisine, you can not skip the Foie gras terrine – a speciality of French culinary culture.

Foie gras is an haute cuisine, with high nutritional value so when cooking, the chef of La Badiane must carefully calculate to add spice to not only retain essential nutrients but also increase the taste of this high-grade dish.


Foie gras terrine is such an excellent dish that many diners prefer to enjoy at La Badiane

Foie gras would be more perfect when combined with slightly sour taste of currant wine, sweet raspberry, delicious almonds, which is all blended in sweet apple pulp.

Foie gras tastes neither sharp nor acrid but little fat with slightly salty of French diamond salt that makes no cloyed feeling. Sipping frozen Sauterne wine in mouthfuls and you will feel the “symphony of flavors” in your mouth.

2. Lemon ice-cream andburnt cream rosemary tart

Apart from foie gras terrine, La Badiane is also famous for lemon ice-cream andburnt cream rosemary tart.

Lemon ice-cream made in perfect ratios making slightly fragrant, less lemony sour of lemon which is combined with grapefruit and sweet raspberry salad casually but subtly and comes with the tart which is coated with a crunchy on the surface and sweety on the outside burnt sugar layer, and served with the delicious and rosemary flavored cream layer will make you ecstatic right after it touches your tounge.


The “Perfect Couple” of lemon ice-cream and burnt cream rosemary tart will make you ecstatic right after it touches your tounge

This is a sweet dessert which is not only the harmony of flavor but also a subtle combination between the “hot” and “cold” taste that makes people interested.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy many tiptop dishes at La Bdiane at No 10 Nam Ngu street. Contact to reserve a table at: (04) 3942.4509