30 minutes after lunch – the golden time for the whole effective working day

As someone who is usually busy with work, the short time of noon is always precious to you. If you have your lunch break in an appropriate way, you will have a productive day. La Badiane will tell you a few little tricks to get your 30 minutes of the most relaxing lunch break.

Your lunch break usually lasts from 12h to 13h30, therefore you just have 1h30m to take a lunch break, however, we must know how to split that time properly. To save time, you can prepare your meal in advance at home. Many companies also have private rooms catering for everyone’s lunch. For the staffs, this is a way to both save money and just get a delicious, nutritious meal.


After you finish your lunch, do not forget to have your dessert with a cup of yogurt! This familiar dessert seems only preferred by many women because yogurt is not only delicious, rich in nutrition, but also helps women to have smooth skin and perfect shape. However, just a few people know that yogurt has a very good use for those who often stress out at work.


Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid, acetic acid and other organic acids, which helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Also, yogurt can increase the amount of acid in stomach, decrease the amount of alkali, impulse the secretion of stomach, … in addition, yogurt also contains tyrosine which can reduce the stressful psychological pressure and anxiety resulting in the fatigue. Therefore, in 30 minutes after lunch, enjoying a cup of yogurt, you can relax to prepare for an afternoon with full of energy.


On the days that you want to have a change of air, meet your friends, your love or co-workers, you should eat out for lunch. Eating out will help you to change the air, change your mood. In particular, leaving the office at lunchtime is a chance to breathe the natural air, to exercise your body a little to be more comfortable, and avoid workplace illnesses caused by prolonged sitting, looking at the computer too much.


You can go to a restaurant with open, fresh space with greenery like La Badiane at No 10 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, and do not forget to choose yogurt dessert from the menu of the restaurant!


Hope that these suggestions will help you to have a great time of lunch break and an effective working day!