3 ways to cure over-hot dishes

While cooking, you unfortunately pour too much fresh chilies or chili powder into food, which makes your food too spicy; please refer to following tips for curing spicy dishes. Spicy will be greatly reduced!

1. Adding more vegetable

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Vegetables have fiber and a considerable amount of sugar that will help to reduce chili in food. In addition, you can add all kinds of bulbs in such as carrots, potatoes, beans … Noting that you must chop vegetables or bulbs so that they can absorb and reduce the chili.

2. Adding sugar


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When you find that your dishes taste too chili, you can add a little sweet spice such as sugar or honey to neutralize chili. But the amount shouldn’t be excessive, which will make dishes sweet and sour.

3. Adding sourness


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If family members don’t like sweet foods, to cure food tasting too hot you can add sourness to the dishes by adding more lemon juice, rice vinegar or tomato sauce.

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