3 types of restaurants best for business lunch

Choosing the restaurant for a important lunch is crucial in business, that ensures the success of meeting.

1. Warm and gentle environment


A restaurant in warm and gentle style would be the right choice if you want to express your friendliness, hospitality and professional manner at the first sight. No matter how difficult your partner is, a table going with a mildly restrained cloth and simple objects as: wooden chairs, a basket of fresh flowers, large window viewing walled garden,…will help you write a perfect “intro” for your lunch with him.

2. Classy and understated


A room is decorated in pure white as main color, highlighted with restrained interiors, ingeniously dotted black & white pictures and  the antique lanterns. All of them help the restaurant look as elegant as an elite family in Hanoi during last 80’s. Choosing a restaurant like this will express your exquisite taste and impress your partners from the beginning. Besides, there is no doubt that you will be great in your partner’s eyes if you could pay more attention on choosing right attire, on table etiquett.

3. In the heart of nature


Thanks to the clumps of house plants and the large patio, environment is full of natural lights, making you feel very close to nature

It seems that all of us do love nature in just an instinctive way no matter who we are. So that, a restaurant in nature-friendly style should definitely lie on your to-choose-list when considering places of business meeting. Let dig your feelings and conversations into the environment that full of green trees and natural lights. Enjoy tranquility and peace among the bustle and hustle of city life in Hanoi. Feeling as relaxed as having a meal in your own yard garden is exactly what your experience herein. And this is the wonderful opening of a comfortable dining with your allies.

In short, lunch meal plays a big role in impressing your partners, opening the way for well understanding each others, fluently communicating and co-working. For this reason, through lunch meal, let’s show the airy grace and elegance of a businessman and let’s score points with your allies by choosing a suitable place.