3 tips for hanging pictures in restaurants

Hanging pictures is not only for decoration but it also brings a certain sense. So there should be certain rules for selecting the suitable pictures. Here are 3 things you should keep in mind when hanging paintings in your restaurant.

The purpose of hanging pictures on walls is to admire them

So do hang paintings in an appropriate height for observation and contemplation. If beautiful paintings are hang too high on a wall, that’s a waste of art. But if you hang them too low, the furniture around will dominate and affect the pictures.

Tranh tuong 3

The space is more open with paintings hung on suitable height

Your pictures should match interior decoration of the room

This means that old paintings should be hung in a room of classic style and vice versa. Another thing is that the colors of the pictures you choose must be in harmony with the colors of the room. Also, don’t try to impress with surreal or abstract paintings, let the simple ones accentuate the space of the restaurant.

Tranh tuong 2

Cozy space on La Badiane’s ground floor

People-centered, the photos hung on La Badiane’s walls are mostly related to humans. It  helped the restaurant win the hearts of the guests that came and enjoyed a good time here.

Don’t try to fill in the space

Many people think it’s a must to fill the walls with pictures. However, this approach is not necessarily the right way to go, because by overwhelming guests with decorations, the room will lose its spacious look and ambiance. In architecture and fine arts, space is much needed. It’s a simple way of “decorating” that is attractive in a certain way.

Tranh tuong 1

Small paintings arranged nicely around La Badiane’s bar

Beautiful paintings don’t  necessarily the thick and large ones. A small picture can also show off the beauty of the room if it’s really impressive. So, don’t fear the empty walls – only a couple of picture is enough to create the necessary dynamic.

Hopefully these little note will be useful to you.