3 suggestions for a memorable Christmas Eve

On these days, the Christmas atmosphere is spread over the streets. Do you have any plans in this special holiday? Here are 3 recommendations for a cozy and meaningful Christmas with your beloved.

1. Go for a walk inthe entertainment centers

During Christmas time, the entertainment centers are decorated with flashing lights, covered with different shapes: Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees … that creates a beautifulshimmering “world” at night, attracts all glances of people passing by.

Some entertainment centers prefered by the young at Christmas are the West Lake Water Park, Sword Lake, Times City, Saigon Centre…

Your family, especially your kids can take part inthe exciting atmosphere of performances of famous singers, Parade, Santa’s gifts … which are held at these center on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve in the entertainment center always fascinates the kids with special programs

2. Go to the Church

Christmas also means Jesus’s birthday. Thus, on Christmas Eve, the churches also attract a large number of people to visit and pray, especially during the night of December 24th.

Especially to those who had followed the Christian, this is the biggest festival of the year which is even more important than the New Year.

On Christmas Eve, the churches will open free for everybody to visit. Therefore, this is also a great destination for the entire family to visit and pray for best of luck in this special occasion.

3. Enjoy Western cuisine

Christmas Eve is usually the coldest night of the year. Thus, nothing is better than enjoying a cozy Christmas dinner with the family at some luxurious restaurants.

In this special occasion, many restaurants have many special offers on various delicious dishes. However, to have a “true” Christmas dinner, you should lead your family to the Western restaurants. Food served on Christmas Eve at these restaurants that will have much more traditional style than the others. The luxurious space, attentive and professional service at the Western restaurants will bring wonderful and meaningful moments to you and your family in the Christmas dinner.


The luxurious space at the Western restaurants will bring great moments to you and your loved ones

Coming to La Badiane in this Christmas, you have the opportunity to enjoy a special menu for kids on December 24th and a cozy lunch of 6 special dishes for the whole family on December 25th. Make your 2015 Christmas become a meaningful and memorable cuisine experience with your family at La Badiane!

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