3 stunning food photography tips

Have you ever wanted to take pictures to keep memories when looking at a beautiful dish , but enabled to take the photos that food can look nice and attractive like that? Try 3 following tips.

1. Ask yourself what makes that food “the most attractive”
Is that the hot, viscid and fresh-colored sauce or the meticulous color combination of decoration? To capture the dishes to look fascinating, you need to understand about food in advance.
The photo can depict the feat of decorating this dish with the crowns of asparagus
When you understand exactly the spot that makes dishes most delicous, you just need to “concentrate your power” to exploit that point only!
2. Take advantage of natural light
Natural light makes food color more vivid and realistic. If they are desserts with whipped cream, chocolate or fruit, the natural light is truly a No.1 “catalyst” for the glamorous photo than ever!
You should take advantage of the sun light from the restaurant’s glass door (if available) or from the window if you want the stunning food in your picture exactly the same as in real life.
3. Select the unique angle
When you have understood the “strengths” of the dish as well as how to take advantage natural light, the unique angle will continue to be a powerful tool to help you get a photo of food that makes “anyone looking long for.” There are three main angles: frontal angle, angle from above and angle of 30-45 degrees.
Newcomers often choose angle from above, mainly because this is a pretty fancy corner and you can also easily adjust the placement of components if it looks too tangled.
With angle of 30-45 degrees, this is just in the sight of people eating. While capturing at this angle, a part of the dish looks very close and realistic. Another part looks of it will look higher and fuller.
Frontal angle will be extremely suitable if you want to show the height and each material layer of the food.
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At La Badiane, the space is always full of natural light, beautiful white decor furniture, luxurious, especially the food has always been focused on color, decoration, freshness. It can be no doubt that you can not only have a delicious meal but also take the food photos that anyone would envy!