3 salads move your heart for the first time

In such hot weather of Hanoi these days, a fresh salad is always the best choice for your soothing meals.

Leaving behind the busy atmosphere of the streets and scorching summer, La Badiane will welcome you with a green atmosphere of green trees and white charming walls. In freshly green space, customers will contentedly enjoy a salad selected from a variety of kinds, and each of them will give you a typically different taste.

la badiane

Catalan Salad

Characteristics of Catalan lay in the flavor of duck confit combining with little spicy taste of Spanish sausages, topping with red peppers and black olives. You will have an extremely good impression on this dish even for the first time.

Italian Salad

Enjoy an Italian style salad with roasted goat cheese, Italian Parma ham, tomato, onion, balsamic & pesto. The different flavors from Rome are harmonious in this delicious and attractive dish.

Salmon mimosa

Another choice from salad menu at La Badiane is salmon minosa. The main ingredients of this dish are fresh salt-marinated salmon and creamy egg mimosa, adding the sweetness of tomatoes blended with a little wasabi. Try it and you can never say no to this salad.

They are 3 salads with 3 combinations of different ingredients, prepared by top French chefs. But they share a common thing which is the wonderful taste that can appeal to you after only the first try.

Just take your pick of favorite salad at La Badiane, why not?