3 highlights of La Badiane’s space

Aside from the biggest dominance which is the wonderful food, La Badiance’s atmosphere is also another thing making customers want to come back.

1. Peaceful atmosphere

Besides investing in food’s quality, the restaurant’s space is the point itselft attracting customer’s visit. At La Badiane, customers will feel pleasure since the first moment walking in the peaceful atmosphere with bunch – of – surprisingly fresh tree path in the heart of crowded Ha Noi.


Despite of 5* rated quality French restaurant, design of the restaurant seems close, cozy instead of strange and luxury

2. The art of design and colors scheme


This may be the strategic highlight of the design of La Badiane. The 1st floor makes people pleased with the combination of beige of tablecloths, curtains and green of trees which create airy and fresh environment.


Interspersed with spaces are pictures with simple but subtle black and white tones. Red light with dark blue pillow and beige make the space become warm, friendly.

3. Vietnam in French culinary space

That is smile, eyes, homeliness of moutainous children in the black n white pictures hang on different corners at La Badiane.

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That is the bamboo fine tools such as chairs, bird cage which harmony distributed. Hardy is there any French restaurant in Ha Noi having such a delicate design as La Badiane.


And at the luxurious and romantic atmosphere, customers will completely enjoy the beauty of French cuisine with the peace of Vietnam.