3 most favorite familiar French dishes with Vietnamese people

Fusion food which combines French and Vietnames cuisine creates delicious dishes with Asia – Europe flavour, that made Vietnamese cuisine picture more varied and attractive.

  1. Beef steak with bread

In Vietnamese language, the word “bít tết” is transcribed from the word “beefsteak” in English and the word “bifteck” in French, which was brought to Vietnam from 18th  century. Otherwise, unlike Western people usually use beef steak as a breakfast, Vietnamese people have it as dinner more often.


Nowadays, in Vietnam, beef steak have another intimate name called “pan bread”.

Previously, beef steak is only served in western restaurants. However, beef steak have taken off the elegant cloak to join the team of Vietnam street food which attracted many young people. A full beef steak servings/ portion includes beef, potatoes, pate, egg omelet, bread, served with/ accompanied with chili sauce and soy sauce.

  1. Flan cake (Caramel)

Since French people brought Flan cake to Vietnam, this dish immediately received the welcome of Vietnamese people and quickly became more and more popular at the urban town as a tasty and fascinating dessert. Flan as known as caramen (which also called Crème caramel in French) is a flavour combine between egg, milk and caramel, then steamed them all.


The mild and soft caramel

Flan is one of the most popular street food that many Vietnamese people love, mostly/ especially the young, because of its a gentle flavour.

  1. Soup

Derived from the French cuisine, then appeared at the restaurants in Saigon. so far, soup has became  a familiar “appetizer” of the Vietnamese in everyday meals and parties such as weddings, and reception dinner, …


Soup is always a appealing dish with most of people

Soup is a combination of many ingredients, so it could be called in many different names such as crab soup, chicken soup, mushroom soup, fish soup and seafood soup …. With a mild aromatic sweet flavor, the soup can be used as muesli or snack.

There are so many other French dishes have been brought into Vietnam.  They all together make up the interference of Asian cuisine with wonderful European flavor. Come to La Badiane to enjoy fusion food, you will definitely have a wonderful dining experience.