Culinary art of a chef not only lays in the dishes presentation but it’s  also confirmed by the secrets of creating their own flavor in each dish. For Chef Benjamin, he attracts La Badiane’s customer by the unique sauces. Let’s see 03 delicious sauces by Chef Benjamin:

Turmeric cream

It is one of the most favorite sauces. It is an outstanding representative of French- meets – Vietnamese culinary arts if you have turmeric creamwith crab remoulade and sesame cracker at La Badiane. Treat you well with fresh and firm crab meat with warm sweetness of turmeric cream and crispy sesame cracker.


Crab remoulade in turmeric cream, sesame cracker

Apple sauce in cinnamon & honey

It is the best choice if you are addicted to cinnamon flavor. Foie gras terrine in Parma ham, apple sauce in cinnamon & honey and roasted pine nuts is a sophisticated culinary combination of the superb ingredients – a delightful experience for the customers at La Badiane.

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Foie gras terrine in Parma ham, apple sauce in cinnamon & honey, roasted pine nuts

Passion fruit sauce

The passion fruit sauce of chef Benjamin will give you the taste of light sourness, very refreshing and pleasant like you have just discovered a new and peaceful land by yourself. Having in one desert the sweet-sour taste of passion fruit, a bit spice of curry and specific sweetness of banana. Believe in our skillful and subtle chef, you will experience a memorable moment in your culinary discovery.