3 cooling starters for summer menu

Starter impresses, stimulates your appetite and makes you feel more appetizing. In this article, La Badiane will guide you to choose your 3 most delicious and suitable starter during this hot summer.

On these days, in Hanoi, the temperature is always too high, at more than 35o C, which makes our bodies dehydrated, lack of essential vitamins and then leads to anorexia or unappetizing feeling. Along with that, selecting dishes is more complicated as you have to choose according to the weather outside and your appetite.

La Badiane’s chefs suggest you 3 fresh and cooling starters for this summer to make sure that you can fully enjoy your meals.

  1. Marinated salmon & Parma ham with goat cheese mousse, arugula with pine nuts, pepper sauce


Salmon’s sweetness together with sea salt brings new sensation to your mouth

Freshness and sweetness of sea salt marinated salmon is the perfect starter to “wake up” your appetite. Every fresh salmon flesh skillfully combined with Italian Parma ham and goat cheese with a little spice from pepper sauce will be the No. 1 choice for diners at La Badiane this summer

  1. Zucchini & beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade, arugula with candied lemon & sesame biscuit


The harmonious combination between black olive puree wrapped in zucchini with beets and arugula will bring a sense of cooling to the customers. Additionally, crunchy sesame biscuit with candied lemon contribute tanginess to the dish.

  1. Toast with avocado, marinated olive, diced tomato and goat cheese…


Impressive starter toast

Toast with avocado, marinated olive, diced tomato and goat cheese is favored by large number of La Badiane customers. Every toast is full of richness from avocado, freshness from tomato and goat cheese will satisfy even the strictest diners.

To gourmets, they always appreciate the role of starters. This type of dish is not only the first impression of the meal but also the “catalyst” which make the meal perfect. Therefore, the selection of a suitable appetizer with the atmosphere, your interests and mood become even more particularly important.

While visiting La Badiane, diners will have the opportunity to discover the special starters come from France. La Badiane’s lots of interesting choices only guarantee you’ll have the best start prior to the main course. Come and experience at La Badiane!