3 beautiful desserts in special menu for Vietnamese customers

3 delicious, cool and healthy desserts at La Badiane this summer are placed on one dish, served with the main course and wine. Let’s explore the fantastic tastes!


Hot chocolate cake

Chocolate is many food lovers’ favorite thanks to its delicate texture and sweetness. Chocolate brings a lot of health benefits: it’s good for the heart, it can protect your teeth thanks to the butter-cocoa-flour mixture acting like a fence that prevents bacteria. It also reduces the probability of having strokes and fights against stress and anxiety. Hence, having a portion of chocolate as a dessert will bring about lots of health benefits for diners.

Cool and healthy food salad

Fruit salad will be a indispensable dessert for summer because of its colorful components with various health benefits. Fresh fruits will help you “destroy” the heat.

Ice-cream and yogurt

Ice-cream and yogurt will make a great dessert for ladies. The ingredients help improve the conditions of skin, reduce stress, anxiety and anger. Ice-cream and yogurt will be the ideal last dish to complete a meal and prepare for diners a fresh spirit before coming back to their daily lives and work.

The trio, placed on one dish, is a unique dessert from our special menu for Vietnamese diners from June to August. Come to La Badiane to experience the newest and most amazing tastes!