20 interesting differences between tourists and locals in Paris (part 2)

For those who love France or have just come to France, the topic of differences between tourists and locals in Paris will be noted in the guidebook for traveling in France.

Following the part 1, La Badiane continue to introduce you another 10 point of differences between tourists and locals in Paris.


Source: lebaominh.vn

11. Tourists buy locks to hook on to  the bridge Pont des Arts. Locals know that the locks is increasing danger for the bridge and the city government has to remove them frequently.

12. Tourists wear T-shirts with the words “I heart Paris” (I love Paris). Meanwhile the Parisians often have paper tape with the slogan “I heart nothing, I’m Parisian” (I do not love anything and I am from Paris).

13. Tourists will bring a lot of plastic bags and paper bags when leaving grocery store. Parisians often use multi-purpose cloth bags and go shopping at Monoprix trade center.

14. Tourists often want to go to Disneyland Paris and the locals prefer Parc Asterix theme park.

15. Tourists will laugh at you if you say you are going to see the Statue of Liberty in Paris (because they thought you were wrong) but the natives know for sure there is a model of the statue located in Paris

16. Tourists have a walk along Germain de Pres road and the island of Saint Louis while Parisians love to go sunbathing in Buttes Chaumont Park.

17. Tourists like to drink only wine in Paris. Parisians love wine but they also enjoy mojito (a kind of cocktail) and beer.

18. Tourists often choose luxurious restaurants while locals often gather at the table outside the coffee shop (with luxurious decoration) even during winter days.

19. Tourists wish to enjoy authentic French dishes at restaurants in Paris but a lot of locals are especially fascinated at specialties from other counties such as sushi of Japan.

20. Tourists often come to Paris in August, at that time of the year Parisians also travel everywhere.

Source: VnExpress