20 interesting differences between tourists and locals in Paris (part 1)

While foreign tourists fall in love with macaron and taking photos at Eiffel Tower, Parisians love to eat burger, sushi and sunbathe in Buttes Chaumont Park.

The followings point out those differences.


Source: c0.f35.img.vnecdn.net

1. Tourists think artists playing music in the subway station are very interesting and it is a typical feature of Europe. Parisians do not feel so excited and move to use car.

2. Tourists wait in long queues to buy macaron which is called the queen of French pastries at La durée (the creator of macarons as well as a luxury cake brand based in Paris). Locals line up to buy a burger from Burger Kings.

3. Tourists in Paris often wear hiking shoes and backpack as if they were regularly hike through the rainforest in Thailand. Meanwhile locals wear dark clothes and stride on the high heels or pointed shoes.

4. Tourists try hard to get a slot at the crowded street Michel to enjoy a meal while Parisian gourmet often go to Picard hotel.

5. Tourists eat fries with ketchup, Parisians often eat fries with mayonnaise.

6. Tourists think they can discover Nice (another city in France) in just one day. The Parisian know they need many days off to go to Nice. It is certainly an extended vacation from 4 to 5 days.

7. Tourists often gather along the Seine river while locals often congregate in Saint MartinCanal.

8. Tourists often wish to use Velib’(system of bike for hire in Paris) for riding around the city and look like Parisian but it is almost impossible because the system generally don’t accept the swipe card.

9. Tourists have dinner at 6.pm  when Parisians are still working.

10. Tourist often wear wedding dress and vest to take pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe while Parisians organize their wedding or anniversary celebration in the suburbs of the city.

(to be continued)