17 Food Reasons The French Are Better At Life (Part 2)

French cuisine is famous all over the world with the dishes that are unique in both of presentation and taste. The French are truly gourmet and they are very careful with culinary habits and cooking. They pay attention in the small details such as comfortable and beautiful sitting posture. We can say that French cuisine  is not just about food but above all, it is an art of the world.

Here are the 9 food reasons the French are better at life (to be continued part 1):

9. There’s a reason everyone uses French terminology for restaurant staff


Because they invented fine cuisine — we owe them everything.

10. They have a thousand-layer pastry


It’s called a mille-feuille. We don’t have to say they’re the king of pastry, right? That’s implied, right?

11. Their Nutella jars are bigger than ours


That’s a 2.2 pound jar your looking at on the left. They need big jars because Nutella is a topping on toast in the morning for kids, and sometimes a snack in the afternoon, too. Also, it’s a common filling for crepes, which you can buy on the side of the street almost anywhere in France.

12. The wine


France’s history with wine dates back to the 6th century BC. They really know what they’re doing.

13. Macarons are their cupcakes


Aren’t they lovely? Macarons are a meringue-and almond-based confection made in all kinds of flavors and beautiful colors. The most common flavors are pistachio, coffee, chocolate and vanilla, but they get very creative. Think, passionfruit, lychee rose and tahini sesame.

14. The greatest hour of the day is “l’heure du gouter.”


It literally translates to “the hour to taste.” It’s a four o’clock snack that almost all kids enjoy — usually Nutella is involved — but it’s not just restricted to children. L’heure de gouter is for whoever is in need of a little pick-me-up in the afternoon.

15. They throw an awesome party every year for the release of the young wine, Beaujolais


16. They regulate their food more strictly than their visas


Since 1411 France has had a system in place called the AOC — which stands for “controlled designation of origin” — to keep their food products up to the highest standard. France takes great pride and goes to great lengths to guarantee the quality of speciality and regional foods. From butter to lavender to lentils to honey, rest assured you’ve got the best and most authentic product if it’s got the AOC seal.

17. They firmly believe that everyone deserves a great baguette

Le baguette

The French government has regulated the price of baguettes to ensure that all of its people can, at the very least, enjoy the same great bread. Some of their breads are made with century-old starters, which makes for some very delicious loaves.