17 Food Reasons The French Are Better At Life (Part 1)

What makes French cuisine the most elegant in the world? Discover the 17 reasons the French are better at life with La Badiane!

1. France gave the world Champagne.


While many countries make sparkling wine, only France can make Champagne. Sparkling wine that bears the Champagne name must be made in the Champagne region, which is located close to Paris.

2. The French eat chocolate croissants for breakfast


Enough said, but we’ll elaborate anyway. Big breakfasts are not served in France. Instead, they eat a small breakfast of toast with jam (which they call tartines) or a pastry — croissant, chocolate croissant, apple turnover, etc. They save the big meal for lunch.

3. Lunch is a two-hour endeavor…


…Not a 15-minute break eaten over your keyboard while watching cat videos. While it’s true that this leisure practice is slowly becoming less common in France — you won’t find many people taking a long lunch in major cities where modern life is taking over — in small towns and in the country, it is still the norm for people to return home to eat a leisurely, three-course lunch.

4. A glass of wine is common at most meals


It isn’t unheard of to drink wine at lunch AND dinner in France. That doesn’t mean that each person drinks a bottle — just a glass (or two). Wine is thought to complement and enhance the flavors of the meal, so the two go hand in hand.

5. Butter is more important than water


That’s the secret to fine French cuisine. Their sauces are based on butter. Their pastries are layered with butter. But, it’s all with good reason, because some of the finest butter in the world is made in France. Particularly, the butter made in the Normandy region, which is bright yellow thanks to their fine dairy cows. And, guys, the butter is almost always salted, the way butter is supposed to be.

6. This is their wedding cake


A tower of cream puffs, held together by strings of caramel. Let us repeat: Strings of crispy, crunchy caramel. Towering fondant cakes have got nothing on this beauty.

7. France makes around 350 to 400 distinct types of cheeses


That’s a lot of cheese. Some claim that France makes even more than that — close to 1,000 — because of all the varieties within each type of cheese. Simply put, France makes so many kinds of cheeses that Charles de Gaulle, the legendary French general, is famously quoted for saying, “How can you govern a country that makes over 256 kinds of cheese?” Little did he know it was way more than that. SO. MUCH. CHEESE.

8. Despite the rich and decadent food, the French eat in moderation


It’s how they get to finish every meal with a cheese plate. (Note: The cheese plate doesn’t include a whole block of cheese, but three reasonable slices. Take note people, take note.)

(To be continued)