12 Tips to enjoy French cuisine

Cuisine is an important part of French culture. Due to the fact that to French people, enjoying food is an art, so when you come to France, take notes of several following advice.

happy customer

1. When in cafés, never ever complain about how long your order is taking. This is not the place to rush.

2. Do not order one dish only when you’re dining in a restaurant.

3. Soft drinks are not to be drank with a good meal.

4. Parisian cafés do not add ice on their drinks. Do not expect or demand for any.

5. Place your table napkin on your lap immediately when you are seated.

6. Eat slowly. Do not inhale all your food in one go.

7. Don’t serve yourself wine first. As a proper courtesy to everyone else in the table, ask them if they want wine before you pour some for yourself.

8. If the wine has just been opened, pour a little bit into your own glass first so that the little pieces of cork don’t end up in someone else’s glass.

9. Avoid putting a piece of bread in your plate. Instead, place it on the table right beside your plate.

10. Don’t place the loaf of bread upside down. This is considered bad luck.

11. Unless a certain type of food needs to be dealt by hand, touching food with your fingers is strictly limited at the dinner table.

12. Avoid leaving food on your plate. This means you did not enjoy the quality of the food, or it suggests that the host does not know how to serve proper potions.